About us

Whether you’re a Jobseeker looking to advance your career in IT, or an Employer seeking to find technology talent, Rminds team’s extensive experience in technology, deep industry knowledge, and range of innovative tools and services are here to empower your success!

We provide training and consult the to perform in respected technology to transform and improve skills and get placed,
Our Consulting services help our consultants to gain knowledge of the technology they are passionate about and get placed in their dream projects

We’ve fabricated an unrivaled culture and our remarkable, individuals centered methodology yields upper hand for our customers and compensating professions for our applicants.

Today, we benefit most significant businesses and have put outstanding individuals in a huge number of jobs and positions. All that we do is grounded in our core values to fabricate and sustain quality connections that enable us to put quality individuals in quality employments.

Our main objective is to promote our consultants, mentoring and enabling consultants to gain technical knowledge and to be placed in a platform that is successful. We provide a platform to consultants to present their skills, knowledge and experience in the world of technology and to be a professionals expertise in the desired technology and relentlessly peruse an identity which differentiates from others. More than placement we created a cult following for dreams, created amazing value for the consultants and shared tips with people who are incorporated with us successful people.

Our core values

Integrity and Ethics

We understand that building our entire business on the foundation of honesty and integrity goes a long way into building a strong, trusting relationship with its employees, stakeholders, and customers.



We do what we say we’re going to do. If something happens to prevent that, we determine the new course and communicate quickly. We focus on a few key priorities and ensure we deliver with quality on time…every time.

Unmatched Quality

Rminds is strictly committed to provide the best quality services with support even after completion of the project. Our quality & support always keeps our consultants a step ahead, unmatched in the industry.


Timely Customer Service

We provide timely service to our clients & create the absolute best customer service experience possible. Timely service does not necessarily mean “On the spot” resolution, it just means a timely response that sets a proper expectation for follow-up & resolution.



We’re hungry, we’re passionate, and we love tough problems and new challenges. You don’t hear a lot of “I don’t know how” or “I can’t” at Rminds. When faced with a hurdle, we jump.



Dependability is often the No. 1 quality people look for in the business world. We are dependable, not only for the service we provide, but also for how we carefully manage the relationships we develop. We believe consistency is key to building trust.

Our clients

We are driven to do the best job possible. We pride ourselves on cultivating lasting relationships with candidates and clients which is built on trust and mutual respect. Our clients are spread across various industries and are from different domains. We serve each one of them with loyalty, open-mindedness and honesty.

IT Manufacturing & Construction firms
IT Healthcare, Pharma & Biotech firms
IT Law & Legal firms

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